As Editor

In addition to the many titles I’ve edited for my own imprint, NewCon Press, I have edited a series of anthologies for Solaris/Rebellion, Solaris Rising.

Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction (2011)


1. Introduction – Ian Whates
2. A Smart-Mannered Uprising of the Dead – Ian McDonald
3. The Incredible Exploding Man – Dave Hutchinson
4. Sweet Spots – Paul di Filippo
5. The Best Science Fiction of the Year Three – Ken MacLeod
6. The One that Got Away – Tricia Sullivan
7. Rock Day – Stephen Baxter
8. Eluna – Stephen Palmer
9. Shall I Tell You the Problem with Time Travel? – Adam Roberts
10. The Lives and Deaths of Che Guevara – Lavie Tidhar
11. Steel Lake – Jack Skillingstead
12. Mooncakes – Mike Resnick and Laurie Tom
13. At Play in the Fields – Steve Rasnic Tem
14. How We Came Back from Mars – Ian Watson
15. You Never Know – Pat Cadigan
16. Yestermorrow – Richard Salter
17. Dreaming Towers, Silent Mansions – Jaine Fenn
18. Eternity’s Children – Eric Brown and Keith Brooke
19. For the Ages – Alastair Reynolds
20. Return of the Mutant Worms – Peter F. Hamilton


Solaris Rising 1.5: An Exclusive ebook of New Science Fiction (2012)


1. Introduction by Ian Whates
2. Adam Roberts – What Did Tessimond Tell You?
3. Aliette de Bodard – Two Sisters in Exile
4. Gareth L Powell – Another Apocalypse
5. Mike Resnick – The Second Civil War
6. Sarah Lotz – Charlotte
7. Phillip Vine – The Gift
8. Tanith Lee – It
9. Paul Cornell – A New Arrival in the House of Love
10. Paul di Filippo – A Palazzo in the Stars


Solaris Rising 2: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction (2013)


1. Introduction – Ian Whates
2. Tom – Paul Cornell
3. More – Nancy Kress
4. Shall Inherit – James Lovegrove
5. Feast and Famine – Adrian Tchaikovsky
6. Whatever Skin You Wear – Eugie Foster
7. Pearl in the Shell – Neil Williamson
8. The Time Gun – Nick Harkaway
9. When Thomas Jefferson Dined Alone – Kristine Kathryn Rusch
10. Bonds – Robert Reed
11. Ticking – Allen Steele
12. Before Hope – Kim Lakin-Smith
13. The Spires of Greme – Kay Kenyon
14. Manmade – Mercurio D Rivera
15. The Circle of Least Confusion – Martin Sketchley
16. Far Distant Suns – Norman Spinrad
17. Lighthouse – Liz Williams
18. The First Dance – Martin McGrath
19. Still Life with Skull – Mike Allen
20. With Fate Conspire – Vandana Singh


Solaris Rising 3: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction (2014)

9781781082096 (2)

Introduction – Ian Whates
When We Harvested the Nacre-Rice – Benjanun Sriduangkaew
The Goblin Hunter – Chris Beckett
Homo Floresiensis – Ken Liu
A Taste for Murder – Julie E. Czerneda
Double Blind – Tony Ballantyne
The Mashup – Sean Williams
The Frost on Jade Buds – Aliette de Bodard
Popular Images from the First Manned Mission to Enceladus – Alex Dally MacFarlane
Red Lights, and Rain – Gareth L. Powell
They Swim Through Sunset Seas – Laura Lam
Faith Without Teeth – Ian Watson
Thing and Sick – Adam Roberts
The Sullen Engines – George Zebrowski
Dark Harvest – Cat Sparks
Fift and Shria – Benjamin Rosenbaum
The Howl – Ian R. MacLeod & Martin Sketchley
The Science of Chance – Nina Allan
Endless – Rachel Swirsky


In addition to the Solaris Rising series, I also co-edited two anthologies in the long-running The Mammoth Book of series with my good chum, Ian Watson

The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories (2010)


Ian Watson And Ian Whates – Introduction
James Morrow – The Raft Of The Titanic
Ken Macleod – Sidewinders
Eugene Byrne & Kim Newman – The Wandering Christian
Suzette Hayden Elgin – Hush My Mouth
Harry Harrison & Tom Shippey – A Letter From The Pope
Esther Friesner – Such A Deal
A A Attanasio – Ink From The New Moon
Pat Cadigan – Dispatches From The Revolution
Fritz Leiber – Catch That Zeppelin
Paul McAuley – A Very British History
Rudy Rucker – The Imitation Game
Keith Roberts – Weinachtsabend
Kim Stanley Robinson – The Lucky Strike
Marc Laidlaw – His Powder’d Wig, This Crown Of Thornes
Judith Tarr – Roncesvalles
Ian R Macleod – The English Mutiny
Chris Roberson – O One
Harry Turtledove – Islands In The Sea
George Zebrowski – Lenin In Odessa
Pierre Gévart – The Einstein Gun
Robert Silverberg – Tales From The Venia Woods
Gregory Benford – Manassas Again
Pamela Sargent – The Sleeping Serpent
Frederik Pohl – Waiting For The Olympians
Stephen Baxter – Darwin Anathema


The Mammoth Book of SF Wars (2012)


Introduction – Ian Whates and Ian Watson
Mike Resnick & Brad Torgersen – Peacekeeper
Simon R. Green – From Out Of The Sun, Endlessly Singing
Algis Budrys – All For Love
Tony Ballantyne – The War Artist
Allen Steele – War Memorial
Elizabeth Moon – Politics
Fredric Brown – Arena
Laura Resnick – Peacekeeping Mission
Fred Saberhagen – The Peacemaker
Andy Remic – Junked
William Tenn – The Liberation Of Earth
John Lambshead – Storming Hell
Walter Jon Williams – Solidarity
Michael Z. Williamson – The Price
Gene Wolfe – The Horars Of War
David Weber – Traitor
Cordwainer Smith – The Game Of Rat And Dragon
David Drake – Caught In The Crossfire
Neal Asher – The Rhine’s World Incident
Paul Mcauley – Winning Peace
Joe Haldeman – Time Piece
Dan Abnett – The Wake
Catherine Asaro – The Lost Dawn